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For Patients — Augmenix

For Patients

Prostate Radiation

Radiation therapy is the most common form of treatment for prostate cancer patients.

Radiation damage to the rectal wall can result in major complications including diarrhea, mucus discharge, rectal bleeding and fistulas.

Deep rectal ulcer from prior prostate radiation therapy

SpaceOAR® System

Delivered by simple injection, SpaceOAR® System hydrogel adds space between the prostate and rectum, reducing the rectal radiation dose.

Following radiation SpaceOAR hydrogel is fully absorbed by the body.

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SpaceOAR Patient Guides

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Patient Interviews

Interview with the first patient to receive SpaceOAR Hydrogel in The Netherlands:


Press Releases

Brand new therapy for prostate cancer!

A gel making it possible to avoid surgery used in Tuscany for the first time
(Original Italian release at Il Tirreno)
Il Tirreno.com – 02/12/2011

SpaceOAR in Australia

SpaceOAR® System is CE Mark approved and
commercially available in select geographies outside the US.
SpaceOAR System is not approved for use in the US.