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Hydrogel Technology — Augmenix

Hydrogel Technology

Augmenix hydrogels consist primarily of water and polyethylene glycol (PEG). Upon injection of the liquid precursors the hydrogel solidifies without producing measurable heat. The hydrogel maintains space during radiation therapy and then gradually liquefies, and is cleared from the body.

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SpaceOAR® Hydrogel Spacer Safety

PEG is widely used in medicine because of its lack of toxicity. The water and PEG composition of SpaceOAR result in a high degree of tissue compatibility. SpaceOAR hydrogel has been shown to have no local or systemic toxicity, even at doses many times that expected in patients.

The PEG chemistry used by Augmenix has been approved by the FDA in first-of-kind neurosurgical sealants, and in other commercialized products.1

1. Other PEG-based hydrogels that use the same core technology include DuraSeal® Dural Sealant , PleuraSeal™ Sealant (Covidien), and Mynx™ Femoral Access Closure (Access Closure, Inc).